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Sunday 22nd Sept 2019

Our Community & Sponsors

Our Community

Lockhart was named by the Commissioner of Crown Land in 1896. This picturesque town is listed by the National Trust. Its old world charm lies in its buildings, the verandahs, ornate lacework and carefully restored facads.

Walk wide shady verandahs; discover the life and times of Lockhart and district as depicted in over 400 images etched in the pavers of the ‘The Verandah Town’. Spend some time and discover features and attractions including the beautiful parks, nature reserve and bush walks, local art, shopping and dining or surround yourself in our history.

Visit Lockhart and you will discover the true country spirit.

Our Sponsors

The Show Society wishes to thank all trophy donors, sponsors and prize givers. We ask members to show their appreciation by patronising the business houses listed in the Schedule.

Special thanks to our major sponsor, the Lockhart & District Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank.