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Sunday 23rd Sept 2018

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President’s Report

woolIt is my great pleasure to present to you the Lockhart Show of 2018.

I wish to introduce our new Secretary Ms Shirley Jobson. This position is probably the most important job within the Agricultural and Pastoral Society.

This year we have spent a considerable amount of money on entertainment for the patrons of the Show.
1. Mr Stewart Bryant, Whipcracking, from Mansfield. Stewart and his amazing stockhorse will entertain you with shows near the Grand Stand.
2. First Light Entertainment will amaze you with their talents on stilts and a circus workshop.
3. Justin McClelland, the chainsaw carving man from Tumbarumba.
4. Old Kentucky Animal Nursery.
As well as these attractions, there will be the usual sideshow Dodgem Cars, Jumping Castle, etc to keep the children entertained. We would like to see more sideshows at Lockhart these days but the Showmen are business people and they need patronage in order to come to a Show and make a handsome return.

This year we welcome a new and generous co-sponsor for the Senior Showgirl Competition. Riverina Bluebell has kindly sponsored the Showgirl Competition with $500. This is in addition to the major prize, which has been sponsored by Ian McLeod and Co for many years. I encourage young ladies to enter this prestigious event in order to represent the Lockhart District at the various subsequent events after the Show. The idea is for these young women to bring awareness of Mental Health issues to young people at school and beyond, and to get the message across that “there is help available”. More details of this event are listed elsewhere in the Schedule.

The Peter Schirmer Memorial Crop Competition is being staged again this year, with the Lockhart Ag Bureau as Stewards.

This is also run in conjunction with the other crop competitions, including the Field Wheat Competition of NSW, which is conducted in conjunction with Dept of Agriculture and ASC. Details of all these competitions are also within the 2018 Schedule.

For the past ten years, the Lockhart Agricultural and Pastoral Society has conducted the Lockhart Truck Show. Proceeds from this event go towards sending a young person to the Sydney Royal Easter Show for two days. Erica Alchin was chosen this year but was unable to attend due to University commitments. However, we have decided to send two people to the next Easter Show in 2019.

Last but not least, I wish to thank the Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Presidents, Stewards and the Show Committee for their good work and commitment in order to bring to you, the citizens of Lockhart and District, your Show.

This is the ‘Shop Window of the District’ and these people put on the Show for all to see what Lockhart is and what we can produce and attain.
P. E. Smith